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Virtual author book readings are the way forward during COVID-19!

We usually recommend that once your book is all published and professionally printed it's time to start promoting your book far and wide... usually school author visits are a brilliant way to sell high quantities of your book and promote it at the same time.

Making an impact during lockdown and COVID-19.

Grab your phone, download a video making app and video yourself reading your book. Think of things that will make it fun and interactive for any child watching...

Upload this to your website alongside your worksheets, to make it as easy for a parent or teacher to download and use.

Creating your virtual book reading:


Think about WHERE you are filming. It's all about the false overview... even if your house is a mess from home-schooling find a corner of your house, grab your nicest chair and place 'pretty' objects in view... make it look Insta worthy!


As you would do in an assembly, make the book reading FUN. Add little bits of ad-lib here and there so it isn't just 'a book reading'.


Think about your video, the worksheets that you can supply the schools and also offer 'ask the author' videos where the pupils email you some questions, and you film yourself answering their bespoke questions.


Send the school some wording for a letter / email / text to the parents letting them know about your author 'takeover day' and how they can buy your books.


Offer a discount for the parents or schools, as you are used to selling into bookshops, so you have a bit of room to lower your prices. You can offer free postage to send out your signed books to children at home.