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Polishing your manuscript to picture book perfection!

If you want your book to be taken seriously in the competitive picture book world then you need to make sure that it's written properly. A book that is LOVELY to read makes parents happy (true fact) plus the kids will demand it at bedtime over and over again.

It is ALWAYS worth having your book edited before your first print run. It is ridiculously easy to overlook mistakes in your own book, even if you've checked the story a hundred times. You don't want to be kicking yourself later when your readers point out those tiny errors you managed to miss.

Our professional book editor (Fi's sister Becs) helps with more than just grammar and punctuation. She's a professional word wizard (find out more about her on Fi & Becs Design & Wording) and she'll help with your wording, layout, themes and your all-important story structure... so you have a wonderfully readable (and consistent) start, middle and end.

Becs works alongside you to create a final manuscript that you'll love and feel extremely proud to show people!

Our super-easy Become-An-Author Package

What does our picture book editing include?

Becs will work closely with you to:

- Proof-read your manuscript and check your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

- Create a logical layout including a page-by-page breakdown of your wording and illustration ideas.

- Carefully check your story structure, making sure that it flows properly with a clear start, middle and end.

- Review the themes in your book and keep them consistent throughout the story.

- Make sure your wording is child-friendly, engaging and reads well from beginning to end.

- Provide tips, suggestions and ideas!

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