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Part of the Resilient Ratties Series.

Follow our cheeky rats Max and Lucy on their day-to-day adventures whilst learning some valuable life skills along the way!

This wonderfully fun and educational story introduces your child to The Decider Life Skills - some easily applicable strategies to help children understand and manage their own emotions.

ISBN: 9781909515093


GO Lucy Go!

Part of the Resilient Ratties Series.

Read about Lucy's woodland challenge and use the Learning Together section of this book to help your child learn about emotions in a way that they can understand, enjoy and remember. Together we can open up conversations about mental health and equip children with life-long skills that they'll find easy to use!

ISBN: 9781909515109


Olly and Lilly

The search for a new race team

A heart-warming story about adoption, families, love and setting your goals to achieve.
Join Olly and Lilly on their very first muddy adventure to find their forever-race team.  Laugh as they whizz through the forests. Giggle as they zoom through muddy puddles and understand how they might be feeling when life isn't going as well for them.  
Will they win the Champions of the World Race ? Will they find their new race team?

ISBN: 9781909515154


The Naughty Cough

A group of pets spend their days socialising with friends and family until one day a ‘naughty cough’ comes along.

Peter Mouse (PM) orders a lockdown for the street, but the animal friends won’t let it stop their fun.

Instead they bake, dance and make up challenges to keep a smile on all of their faces until they’re reunited once more.

ISBN: 9781909515246


Me and My Cystic Fibrosis

Meet Molly-Rose, a seven year old girl telling the story of living with cystic fibrosis in her own wonderful words.

Molly-Rose's cystic fibrosis is part of who she is, it doesn't define her and she's not going to let it stop her living life like everyone else!

ISBN: 9781909515260


A Zat? What's That?

A rhyming and light hearted picture book about a Zat.

Is it a bug?

Is it a mouse?

What is a Zat!?

ISBN: 9781909515192



The children's picture book series are about a little boy called Max and everyday small creatures children see in their own back gardens, yards or on the street. Slugs, woodlice, spiders, mini-beasts and ants all become less scary as small people learn and laugh about these outdoor creatures.

The entertaining, friendly and disgusting characters increase the interaction and attention span of the child; encouraging a child to enjoy reading and learning about small insects.

Our Become-An-Author Package starts from just £1,100 and includes all of your picture illustrations, manuscript editing, publishing management and printing.

You can choose to start with 10 or 1000 books depending on how brave you feel!